November 28th, 2017 #LanternLaneSAL

November 28th, 2017 #LanternLaneSAL Progress on #LanternLaneSAL, promoted by @chelsea356 and @priscillablain. Once I completed the big mansion last night, I realized I didn't want to stich nothing more, as all the details I love of this pattern are already there: the big Victorian house, the lanterns, the snow, the fence... I do not need the trees nor the potted plant nor the alphabet nor the decoratives above and below. So I just decided to finish the wall under the fence, place the cardinal on the top of the roof and then complete it as a quilted panel, so... MAYBE, I will have a FFO hanging on my dining room for Christmas ūüôč. Filter: #Lark. photo #Fujifilm: ©Dolci Fusa

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